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A Familiar Voice Is Heard In Bravely Second’s Latest Trailer



During Square Enix’s third major Bravely Second livestream, they shared a look at the new Cat Master job, along with a new trailer shown in the above video that shows us a little more from the upcoming game.


The video starts out with a look at the new characters, the Three Musketeers of the Crystal Orthodoxy, in Falcon of the Gale Yu Zeonelcia, Wolf of the Inferno Jean Engarde, and Bison of Solidity, Nikolai Nikolanikov. Along with a little more from Magnolia Arche.


Next, Agnes appears and says that she has a feeling that something is about to begin. After showing some more combat action from the main characters, and a look at the new villain known as the Emperor Oblivion.


At the end, Agnes says “There’s not one thing that’s considered useless to this world. Put your mind into it, as there’s surely a way, by your very own hands.” It’s not exactly clear as to who she’s saying this to, but she seems to be hopeful while in captivity.e


And at the very end, you can hear the familiar voice of Tiz saying “I’m back, Agnes.” When asked whether Tiz, Edea, and Ringabel will appear in Bravely Second, producer Tomoya Asano said that the worst thing he could do is ruin any surprises or experiences, so he’d rather have players find out for themselves.


Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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