Famitsu Wants To Hear From English-Speaking Fans About Persona 5 For A Fan Book Series

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Famitsu is working on the second volume of the Persona 5 Mementos fan book series, and they want to hear more from fans in the West with an English survey, which they’ll take directly to Atlus’ Persona Team.


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Volume 1 of the “Persona 5 Mementos Reports” has been released in Japanese (Japanese article), and we’re considering an English version. We’ve started work on the Japanese version of Volume 2, and would like to hear your thoughts towards it too!

This series of fanbooks, tentatively titled “Persona 5 Mementos Reports”, is based on a special survey that asks you about your most memorable moments while playing Persona 5, and your biggest questions about the game and its lore. We’ll be storming Atlus’ Persona Team in Japan with your answers, which might include, for example from the first Phan-Survey and Volume 1, “How did Ann and Shiho meet, and what made their chemistry good?”



The fanbooks will contain answers from the Persona Team, featuring numerous illustrations by a rich lineup of talented artists. Numerous Q&A’s will look into background lore such as “How was April like for each friend before they met the protagonist?” and “What is Ryuji’s mom like?”, as well as episodes from other players that mirror your own fun. Your input will help us figure out what the fans want to see in their fanbook!




This second Phan-Survey, which will help us with Volume 2, covers May 5 to July 9 in the game – from your formative victory buffet which results in the birth of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, till you beat Madarame’s Palace and Kaneshiro’s Palace. (We’re expecting a lot of questions about Yusuke Kitagawa and Makoto Niijima!)


And here’s a sneak peek of Volume 2’s cover, in draft form – an original piece by popular illustrator NOCO, famous for character designs on the “Atelier” games!


Persona 5 Mementos Reports Volume 2 cover draft(Illustration by NOCO)


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Your new friends Yusuke Kitagawa and Makoto Niijima and those around them will be a focus of this survey, but do ask us about the other members and Confidants too!


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Many Confidants appear during this period, and you start exploring Mementos dungeons as well. Ask us those unsolved mysteries and tell us about your most memorable moments!


You can participate in the English survey here. You can participate as many times as you’d like and the Persona Team will do their best to answer some of the questions that fans might want to know. However, keep in mind that the Persona 5 Mementos Reports are based on the base game of Persona 5, so that means there won’t be anything about Persona 5 the Animation or Persona 5 The Royal.


Persona 5 is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Persona 5 The Royal releases in Japan on October 31, 2019 for PlayStation 4. The game releases in the West in 2020.

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