Holo no Suika
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Fan Game Holo no Suika Available in English

Fan game Holo no Suika is now available in English. As of the time of writing, there’s also an in-game event going on where you make the biggest Kanata you can.

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The in-game Kanata event adds an additional layer of strategy to Holo no Suika. Aside from fusing Hololive members together like normal, you can also fuse them with a Kanata to make her big. What Hololive member you need to make to fuse with Kanata will change depending on how big she gets. For example, in the beginning, you simply need to fuse Kanata with Kanata. But later, you have to fuse VTubers like Fubuki with the Kanata to increase Kanata’s size.

Holo no Suika is a fan game that is obviously based off the viral hit, Suika Game (Watermelon Game). This game is free to play and it came out before Cover implemented its Holo Indie service. Developers who want to make fan games based on Hololive can sign up with Holo Indie to receive support from Cover in distributing the game. Cover also allows developers with Holo Indie to monetize their game and receive compensation.

Holo no Suika is readily available via web browsers. It automatically starts in English. The Kanata event started on November 10, 2023, and there is no information on TKGames’s Twitter as to when the event will end.

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