Castlevania: Spectral Interlude is an original fan-made game for the ZX Spectrum that has been released for free. It started out as a demake of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest but ended up becoming a bigger project.


“Even if Konami lost all interest in making proper Castlevania games, Dracula’s Castle can’t be kept in the void forever. It just so happens, that this time fans were the ones to aid in it’s return,” it reads on the Castlevania: Spectral Interlude website.


It’s a 2D action-adventure as with the first Castlevania titles but adds elements to the classic formula that weren’t included before. Its “Lost” storyline also tries to explain the disappearance of the Belmonts from later games in the Castlevania series.



It has over 150 screens, 10 enemy types, and two difficulty levels for you to beat. Of course, there are also hidden rooms, bosses to beat, and a classic Spectrum-era soundtrack.


You can download Castlevania: Spectral Interlude on its website for free. You’ll also need to download a ZX Spectrum emulator in order to run it such as Unreal Speccy or Spectaculator. There are also links to those on the game’s website.

Chris Priestman

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