A fan going by the name “Arisu” has released the demo of their visual novel Free! Eternal Summer. It’s based on the Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club anime and can be downloaded on Windows for free.


In it, you play as a second year at Iwatobi High who missed the first year due to being ill. The demo gives you the prologue, let’s you choose your own name (but you can only play as a girl for now), and contains six routes – Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Sousuke, Haruka, and Rin.


Arisu was inspired to create this visual novel by the ‘I Only Date Free!’ project, Nana’s ‘Free! Otome Game’ project, and FifthDimensional’s ‘Swimming Anime Dating Sim’. Their original plan was to release the demo for Valentine’s Day, but they missed it, instead releasing it on the second year anniversary of the swimming anime trailer going online.


More information about Free! Eternal Summer can be found on its official FAQ. Keep an eye on Arisu’s Tumblr page for more updates on the project.

Chris Priestman

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