Fan-Made Yooka-Laylee Cartoon Brings The Game’s Characters To Life



Given the colorful and friendly world of Yooka-Laylee it’s ripe for a cartoon series. An official one probably won’t ever happen. However, a group of fans have put together an animation that brings the game’s characters to life with aplomb.


The animation is called “Snakey Dealings” and depicts Yooka and Laylee’s first encounter with Trowser the Snake, who is the game’s shop merchant, and who enjoys trading money for new abilities. There’s even a throwback to Banjo-Kazooie, but… er, that game’s titular duo aren’t in such great shape, as you’ll see.


The short was written by Blake Swift, who also did the sound and music, and who voices Yooka. And, If you want to know, Laylee is voiced by Eileen Montgomery and Trowzer by Tom Livesey. Handling the animation is a studio called Jan Animations while #mashed uploaded it to its YouTube channel.

Chris Priestman