Fangamer Is Making A ‘Flip Grip’ Vertical Grip For The Nintendo Switch



Fangamer unveiled the Flip Grip this week, a new vertical grip for the Nintendo Switch that is currently being funded on Kickstarter. The grip aims to be a comfortable solution for playing games that support the Switch’s TATE mode on the go.


flipgrip 2


The project is a collaboration between Fangamer, Jeremy Parish from Retronauts, and hardware engineer Mike Choi. It is meant to support the increasing amount of games that can be played in a vertical orientation, such as the recently released Arcade Archives Donkey Kong and Ikaruga.


flipgrip 3 flipgrip 4

flipgrip 5


The Flip Grip is designed to only accept the Nintendo Switch in one direction, 90 degrees counterclockwise. The Joy-Cons also slip onto the side of the grip like they would on the normal side railings of the console.


flipgrip 6


The Flip Grip will also have a slot on the side of the back, that allows any credit card to be fixed onto the back to be used as a stand for a vertical Tabletop Mode. The one thing the Flip Grip doesn’t allow is charging the console while you use it, as the charging port is covered.




The issue of ventilation has also been elegantly solved with various slits that allow air to enter in and out of Switch, which has been verified with tests. Furthermore, the Switch also uses less power during Handheld Mode, meaning lower temperatures.


The Flip Grip project is aiming for $42,500 in pledged dollars, and currently it has already exceeded the goal, reaching $69,629 at the time of writing this. The project does not have any stretch goals, but will be delivered earlier now that funding is all but guaranteed. You can find the Kickstarter project here.

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