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Fans Discover Dubbed Touching Minigame Dialogue In Fire Emblem Fates



Fire Emblem Fates has become rather infamous for the changes made to its English version, specifically the petting minigame in which the player could increase their rank with another character by using the Nintendo 3DS stylus to touch the character’s face. However, it appears that perhaps, at one point, there were plans to keep the touching minigame in the western release. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything.]


Fans have discovered a bit of English dialogue that sounds as if it could have been used for the touching minigame. Those of you curious can have a listen here.


Some are theorizing that the minigame was removed farther along during the localization process, while others are hoping that this is evidence the feature will make it into the game’s European release.


Fire Emblem Fates is available for the Nintendo 3DS.