See all those people? Those are fans lining up for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in Japan—but not for the launch of the two games. They’re actually lining up for pre-orders, which opened recently.


The image above is from the Pokémon Center in Tokyo, and was re-tweeted by director Junichi Masuda. Fans from different cities have actually been tweeting pictures of Pokémon lines to Masuda all day. Here’s a few more from around Japan, starting with two from the same person that tweeted the above photograph:



The Pokémon Center in Sendai, with about 100 people in front of the Twitter user.


The Pokémon Center in Nagoya.


Another photograph from Nagoya.


The Pokémon Center in Sapporo.


The Pokémon Center in Yokohama.


Fans lining up in Fukuoka.


A photograph from Tokyo Bay.


Masuda posing with fans at the Pokémon Center in Tokyo.


Photos courtesy @Junichi_Masuda, @kana201004, @kanakonishi, @595joltik, Love0227Pokemon, deepimpakuto, grand_snivy, yuyas6015, kuidaore14.


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