Fantasy Conquest Tactics Is A Little Bit Advance Wars, A Little Bit Final Fantasy Tactics

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Fantasy Conquest Tactics, a bright, colorful tactical strategy game, mixes the fast-paced tactics of Advance Wars and the varied units and classes of Final Fantasy Tactics.




Fantasy Conquest Tactics will have players moving across the landscape, capturing castles and keeps in order to raise funds to buy more units. Using these acquire warriors, the player will be able to work their way across each of the game’s stages, moving the story forward with their selection of military units.


The game offers over twenty-five different classes for players to hire from, offering typical fare like Swordsman, Archer, and Wizard to decimate the enemy. Other classes will offer more unique, useful abilities, such as the Enchantress’ ability to charm enemy units, the Necromancer’s dead-raising powers, and the Huntsman’s ability to set traps. Even beasts can be trained to become effective units in battle, using direwolves and falcons on foes.




Not all skirmishes will start with all units aware they are in combat. The game features a Unit Sighting system, so players can keep their units out of the enemy’s view in order to sneak up on them. The game also features a day/night cycle that will let them take further advantage of stealth.


Should your own units witness too much death and damage on their side, they can lose morale and become Shaken or Panicked, losing combat effectiveness. However, in some instances this will also Galvanize them, making them even more effective in a fight.




Fantasy Conquest Tactics will feature hard calculations for all of its damage, having no randomness in order to keep the game streamlined.


A demo is available for Fantasy Conquest Tactics through The game has already passed through Greenlight, and is now seeking development funding through Kickstarter.

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