It’s No Fantasy: Dragon Fantasy Making Its Way To 3DS

Muteki Corporation’s quiet but solid Dragon Fantasy series is making its way once more across the waters of gaming systems—this time porting itself over to the Nintendo 3DS. The old-school RPG was recently announced to be getting a special, enhanced port over to the Nintendo 3DS when the developers spoke to Nintendo Everything.

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Muteki will port both Book 1 and 2 over to the system, with Book 1 focusing on such themes as has-been hero Ogden trying to find himself again in order to once-more save the world. Because there’s really no such thing as happy endings in real life or post-end credit video games.


The 3DS version will update itself to better utilize the dual screens, including a proper built-in map on the bottom screen, larger battle fronts and even a 3D Mode-7 map. But for those wondering, yes, they have heard your cries—there’s now an option to have monsters show up on the map for you to choose to run into and attack, or switch back to random battles for more old school players.


Monster catching has also been fleshed out, allowing you to do it even right from Chapter 1 alongside a host of small quality-of-life additions and changes.


Dragon Fantasy: Book 1 will be released sometime in Spring 2014 on the Nintendo eShop.

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