New Fantasy Life i Switch Trailer Appears jobs lives

New Fantasy Life i Switch Trailer Shows 12 Out of 14 Jobs

Now that the Level-5 Vision 2023 Tsuzumi appeared, we know more about Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time. The RPG, which allows people to live through different lives and engage in quests, is on the way to the Nintendo Switch. It first showed up during the February 2023 Nintendo Direct. However, during this presentation more details about its gameplay and roles appeared in a new trailer. Among them was a confirmation there will be 14 “lives” in Fantasy Life i, with 12 returning and two obscured in the stream. The “i” in the title was also explained by Akihiro Hino

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In Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time, players live a live on Mysteria Island in Reveria. The new trailer begins by showing the avatar creation process. People can pick out their character’s look, clothing, hair style and color, and voice. Then, they head out to the island to take on jobs. People start out as novices and work their way up. It is possible to focus on one, or master them all. You can also decorate both your home and town, while living your life as you please or helping to solve the mystery of an island with a girl who can control time and a dragon.

A quick screen also appeared during the video showing some of the lives, which are the series’ jobs. This showed 12 returning jobs, which if the names follow the past localizations will be Mercenary, Paladin, Hunter, Magician, Miner, Woodcutter, Angler, Cook, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Tailor, and Alchemist. Two were hidden under question marks.
New Fantasy Life i Switch Trailer Appears Lives Jobs

CEO Akihiro Hino said the “i” in the game’s title stood for four things. However, only three were revealed. These are “island” to signify its location, “internet” to show its multiplayer, and “I” to stand for the player. The fourth was left a secret.

As mentioned before, this will be the third Fantasy Life game proper. The original game appeared on the 3DS. It also ended up with a lengthy expansion people could download. Level-5 also worked on a mobile game called Fantasy Life Online. The mobile game has since been shutdown, however.

Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time will come to the Switch in 2023.

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