Fantasy Life Link! Wins Japanese Excellence Award, Receiving Large Free Update

Fantasy Life is still going strong for Level-5, with a newly announced mega update upcoming for the RPG, hot on the heels of their last update, which renamed the game Fantasy Life Link!, added online multiplayer, and brand new locales and quests. This new update, though, will be free.

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First up in the update is the ability to finally recruit each of the 12 masters in the game to be your companion. As if dragons weren’t enough. These masters don’t come easy of course, and will set you up with a new, ultimate challenge: The 12 Master’s Ordeals. For instance, the Soldier’s task is to slay their own dragon. Successful completion of their tasks will net you Mars coins, a new currency.


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Mars coins can be cashed in at each city by using them to pray to the Goddess, receiving rare and unique pieces of loot such as the Carrot Suit set.


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There will also be new daily quests offered for regular players, alongside the lifting of bans for special equipment.


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All this alongside some 30 new items, including new furniture items such as a gold goddess statue, avatar remodelling item and even a bonus reset item. There will also be new emotes and avatar parts to tinker around with.


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Fantasy Life Link recently won the Computer Entertainment Society’s Excellence award at its Japan Game Awards this year. The game’s 1.4 update doesn’t have a release date yet, so stay tuned for more info in the weeks ahead. While the game has been trademarked in both Europe and the US, there’s still no news on a release outside Japan just yet.


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