Fantasy Life Online’s Master Update 1.2.00 Raises Level Cap, Adds Trade Function, And New Gear



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The smartphone RPG Fantasy Life Online launched in Japan back in July, and we got a look at how the game is doing with its Master Update 1.2.00 coming soon, adds new Licenses, equipment, and items.


The above is a trailer for the major update, Ver. 1.2.00.



It increases level cap to 70, adds new Licenses (Hangata, Big-Timer, Master), new equipment and items.



There are there new Licenses to unlock with Hanagata at Lv. 50, Big-Timer at Lv. 60, and Master at Lv. 70. Licenses are basically Life ranks, where previously it only went up to Tatsujin. However, you can only have two Master rank Life classes.



There are some items that you can only get as a Master rank, so this may play a factor in which Life you would want to as a Master rank. The above is a look at twelve “Master Equipment” that can only be equipped by Master Life classes.



The level cap has also been increased for the avatar character and party characters:

  • Avatar – from 60 to 70
  • ★5 party characters – from 60 to 70
  • ★4 party characters – from 50 to 60
  • ★3 party characters – from 40 to 50



The update adds a new “Life Altar” where you can trade in certain items for spfecial equipment and items. As you increase your Advanced License, new exclusive equipment becomes available through the Life Altar.



A new “Trade Function” lets you trade items with friends. You can use this for trading items, for example if your friend doesn’t have enough material to make something you can send items to help them out.



Weapons, Life Tools, armor, and furniture are marked with the name of their crafters. When you receive an item through the Trade Function, you’ll also get to see their names.


Fantasy Life Online is available in Japan for iOS and Android.

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