Level 5 and the studio that developed Mother 3, Brownie Brown, are collaborating on a Nintendo 3DS game titled Fantasy Life. The game is developed around the idea of living in a fantasy world and interacting with other players who also own the title.


Doing illustrations for the game is Yoshitaka Amano, original artist on the Final Fantasy games until Kingdom Hearts creator, Tetsuya Nomura, took over for the most part, starting with Final Fantasy VII. The music for Fantasy Life will be composed by another familiar name — Nobuo Uematsu, also of Final Fantasy fame.


“Find your own way of life” appears to be one of the ideas behind the title. Originally, Fantasy Life was in development for the Nintendo DS, and looked very different. Since then, Level 5 have moved the game to the 3DS and upped its production values considerably.


fantasy_life_001 fantasy_life_002 fantasy_life_006 fantasy_life_003 fantasy_life_004 fantasy_life_005


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