Fantasy Strike Special Moves Are Tied To One Button Inputs For Easier Fighting

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Fighting game Fantasy Strike looks to simplify fighting game control schemes, having players execute all of the special moves with a single button press to emphasize strategy over manual dexterity.


All of Fantasy Strike’s specials are tied to single inputs, which not only makes it easier for players to fight using a keyboard, but also open it up to players who may be intimidated by complex moves. However, players will still need to factor in distances, timing, and defense, which the developer feels are some of the core aspects of fighting games.

Fantasy Strike also features a special throwing mechanic. Should a player try to execute a throw on their opponent while they’re inputting a move or movement, they will be thrown. If the opponent stops all inputs as they are about to be thrown, though, they will automatically execute a Yomi Counter, which will strike their foe back for trying to throw them.


Players will be given a roster of colorful fighters to battle one another with as well, from stone golems, fiery archers, cog-flinging gentlemen, ghost companions, and gambling pandas. Each offers their own special moveset that can be accessed with ease, allowing players to easily learn the full range of a character’s moves with the easy control scheme.

Players are able to casually battle each other in online play, or play a quick versus game with a local opponent. In later builds of the game, though, the developers look to add ranked play, as well as an arena mode where players see how many battles they can win before they accrue three losses (although they do get to pick five power-ups to even things out for themselves a bit).


Players will also gain loot boxes with cosmetic rewards as they win matches and level up, offering extra little incentives to play often. This will be made available at a later time, though.

Fantasy Strike is available now on Steam Early Access.

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