Fantasy War Tactics Is Nexon Korea’s Latest Tactical RPG To Head West


Nexon Korea is steadily bringing its strategy-RPG Fantasy War Tactics to the west on iOS and Android.


It has a single player campaign that tells the story of an ambitious wizard bent on taking over the world. There are also 50 different playable Heroes to unlock that each have their own skillsets and abilities to consider for your team.


According to Nexon’s executive director Daehwon Kim, Fantasy War Tactics is meant to recall the gameplay of classic SRPGs from the 1990s and 2000s. As such, it has turn-based battles on isometric maps, with an emphasis on Hero skills and “smart tactics.”


There are also multiple online multiplayer battle modes to test your skills out in against other players.


Fantasy War Tactics is currently available to download on Google Play for Android in Australia, Malaysia, Finland, and the Netherlands. It will be rolling out to other territories and iOS players in the near future. Find out more on its website.

Chris Priestman