Far Cry 4 made its debut in Japan last week, and sold 36,239 copies on PlayStation 4 and another 18,366 copies on the PlayStation 3. In its weekly report, Japanese sales tracker Media Create has shared a bit more information on the game’s performance.


Media Create says that Far Cry 4 actually sold through 92.37% of its shipment on PlayStation 4, meaning that the game was virtually sold out. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 version sold through just 63.84% of its shipment, so the version of the game on PS4 was clearly more popular.


Without context, the sales figures for Far Cry 4 in Japan aren’t anything to write home about, but judging by the sell-through rate, it appears the game performed better than Ubisoft and retailers expected it to, which is interesting.


Additionally, PlayStation 4 sales saw an increase for the week, so Media Create believes that the audience that is fond of games like Far Cry 4 is beginning to shift towards the PS4. Given that most significant PlayStation 4 releases in Japan so far have been Western-developed games such as Destiny, it isn’t surprising to see an audience for Western games forming on the platform.


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