Farm, Fish, & Fight On Your Own Little Planet In Deiland

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Deiland gives players their own little planet to farm, fish, and fight on, but they’re far from alone in this corner of the galaxy, with strange aliens showing up periodically to help out or cause trouble.


Children have been sent out to care for Minor Planets, all in hopes of activating the power of magic crystals that lie buried in these little spheres. Players will control Acro, the youngest of these children, caring for his little planet and carving out a life there as he awaits the crystal’s power. He may not find his life very peaceful, though, as forces mean to steal the crystal for themselves.

In Deiland, players need to eke out a life on their little planet. This means gathering natural supplies from the rocks, trees, and grasses on the planet’s surface in order to craft tools. From there, they can use these tools to farm, fish, and otherwise find food and items they need to survive. Once they have a foothold on survival, they can also start to trade these items with galactic travelers they meet, gaining new items they might have a hard time locating otherwise.


While building various structures on their planet to make it more of a home, they may have run-ins with local monsters, which they can fight with weapons they’ve crafted as well. Some foes will come from away, though, with enemy aliens arriving to stir up trouble on the planet’s surface. Players can work to grow stronger in various categories, improving strength, intelligence, stamina, and more in preparation for these encounters (or just daily farming life).

Deiland is currently raising votes on the Square Enix Collective, with a Kickstarter campaign on the way.

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