Farming And Monster Raising JRPG Re:Legend Details Its Monster Hunter-Like Multiplayer

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Earlier this month, Square Enix began featuring Re:Legend, a monster raising and farming JRPG, over on their Square Enix Collective. The developers behind the game have now released the latest update, this time regarding the title’s multiplayer and the features that will be available.


Magnus Games notes that Re:Legend’s multiplayer will work like Monster Hunter’s, in that one player will host the game while the other players will be able to join. However, unlike Monster Hunter, which used purely LAN/AdHoc, Re:Legend’s multiplayer will be online. They go on to mention that their plan is to allow direct IP connection and Steam friend list integration in the future.


While in multiplayer, players will be able to take part in numerous activities, such as farming. While farming, players will have the ability to share the workload of planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops. Here’s a full list of all the different activities that will be available in multiplayer mode:


• Farming

• Adventure

• Combat

• Taming

• Quest(Bounty Hunting)

• Exploration

• Bounty Hunting

• Fishing

• Logging

• Mining

• Trading

• Affection competing for Bachelor/Bachelorettes

• ???


Magnus concluded with saying that this would be their final update on the Collective, and that further development updates will be posted on the game’s official Facebook page.


Re:Legend is in development for PC.

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