The Faster You Crush Enemies, The More Powerful Abilities You Can Use In The Tenth Line



The Tenth Line is an RPG that encourages players to be aggressive, having them build up a power gauge that gives them access to stronger abilities if they can wipe out their enemies in a hurry.




Combat in The Tenth Line works in turns, with the player’s team all going at once, then the enemies all going at once. Players will be able to execute several abilities at the same time, with active timing elements letting players squeeze out some extra damage with a well-timed button press. They can also cut down on any damage using the same system, tapping to defend in the right moment.


As players cut down foes, they will fill the Momentum gauge. When filled, this gauge will grant them access to stronger attacks that can be used on the next turn. If players do well in combat, they will be given tools to do even better on the next round, letting clever players tear through their foes.




Players will wish to be doing well, as they’ll be controlling a princess who’s avoiding the clutches of a dangerous cult. Joining with an oddball crew of humanoid beasts and dragons, she’ll need to fight hard to beat back the cult and overcome the forces that orchestrated the assassination of the king.


The Tenth Line is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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