Fat Chocobo And Shiva Lend Their Powers In Mevius Final Fantasy



Mevius Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s next major smartphone title, led by producer Yoshinori Kitase and story writer Kazushige Nojima. Square Enix recently more details on how the battle system works.


When attacking enemies in Mevius Final Fantasy, you’ll gain “Elements,” which are then used to activate abilities. Abilities have their own types and number of required elements to use. Additionally, there are Ability Cards you can use when requirements are met.


Here are some of the Ability Cards that you’ll get to use:


Onion Knight:


 The Onion Knight Ability Card uses the Earth Sword ability, which hits enemies with Earth elemental damage for the cost of four earth Elements. It has an auto-ability of “HP Up” which you can set in your deck to automatically activate.



When an Ability Card pops out, you can tap them to activate its ability. The battles aren’t about timing the Ability Cards, but rather, the order of which you use abilities and attacks.



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Shiva is the merciless queen of the ice world. Her Blizzaga consumes six water Elements, and hits all enemies with a water-type attack that brings out a mass of ice around  the target for huge area damage. She also has an auto-ability of “Magic Up”.


Fat Chocobo:

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The lovable Fat Chocobo comes with the “Barrier” ability that costs two Elements and raises defense. After usage, the Barrier ability can’t be used for 8 turns, so you’ll want to be careful with its timing.


In Mevius Final Fantasy, there are four main elements of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. When hitting weaknesses, it will be indicated with a “Weakened” marker for big damage, but hitting them with the same element results in a “Resist” for less damage.



Element orbs aren’t only used for ability attacks, as they’re also used for the “Resistance Enhancement”. Depending on the element used and its number, it’ll grant you some resistance against the element-type.



The “Break” feature happens when you continue attacking an enemy and deplete their Break meter. Once it reaches zero, it puts them in a Break status, causing them to be weakened, giving you a chance to land heavier damage.


Mevius Final Fantasy will launch in Japan sometime in Spring 2015 for Android and iOS.

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