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Fatal Frame: The Movie Trailer Shows A Bit Of Its Spooky Story



    Tecmo Koei has a new title in the Fatal Frame series in development for Wii U, but they also have other mixed media projects in the works, like the recently revealed Fatal Frame: The Movie. Here’s a look at the film’s new trailer.


    One after another, students began to mysteriously disappear in the school dorm located at an occluded mountain town. The story of Fatal Frame: The Movie follows a girl named Michi who investigates her classmate Aya’s involvement in the matter.


    Aya is said to be behind a strange curse that only affects girls, with victims only to be found as drowned corpses after they’ve been cursed. You can read more about the synopsis of the story in our earlier report.


    Fatal Frame: The Movie will be in theaters in Japan on September 26, 2014.

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