Fatal Fury Final Is A Free Fan Remake Of The Original Fatal Fury



Released in 1991 on the Neo Geo, Fatal Fury by SNK didn’t get many re-releases over the years, unlike other side-scrolling beat ‘em ups like it, such as Final Fight. So, to remedy that, Italian fan studio SEEP has remade Fatal Fury and released it for modern PCs.


Fatal Fury Final, as this fan remake is called, maintains the original Neo Geo look, and allows for up to two players.



It also has more modes than just the Story Mode. The new South Town Quest gives you a bunch of missions to take on, and lets you play as not just the heroes, but as the thuggish bosses as well. There’s also a 1v1 King of Fighters mode and another mode that needs to be unlocked.


You can download Fatal Fury Final for free over on Game Jolt.

Chris Priestman