Fatal Fury OVA Blu-ray Release Will Include Cut Content

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Discotek Media announced a Fatal Fury OVA Blu-ray release. It will include Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf and Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle. Each one will, for the first time, include both OVAs in 1080, the original Japanese credits, and a subtitled insert song. The announcements included details about this version, some special features, and packaging. Both English and Japanese voice acting will be available.

First, the Fatal Fury OVA Blu0ray will include updated subtitles. So all character names will be accurate. Both the original Japanese and US credit sequences will be present. Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle will also have a scene restored, translated, and dubbed. As for the 1080p element, it is possible due to a “new scan from the original film negatives.” One special feature noted is commentary from Discotek Producer Brady Hartel and Matt McMuscles. The others are an art gallery and trailer.

Here’s a trailer for the Fatal Fury OVA Blu-ray release.

Clips from Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf were also shared. One shows the newly translated and subtitled insert song.

As for the packaging, it will come with a reversible cover and matching slipcover. Each design is inspired by a different OVA. The disc will have Terry on it.

The Fatal Fury OVA Blu-ray with 1080p version of the two OVAs and restored content is on the way.

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