Fatal Twelve Is About A Competition To Return From The Dead


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Rinka, owner of the Lion House café, gets caught up in an explosion while trying to save her friend, only to find herself somehow still alive afterwards. That life, though, is only to allow her to compete with twelve other people for the chance to undo their deaths in visual novel Fatal Twelve.


While Rinka may still exist, her life is very different within Fatal Twelve. Within a few days, Rinka finds herself in a strange world with a girl claiming to be a goddess. She is told that she has become part of a Divine Selection, where twelve people will be part of a ritual over twelve weeks, one that lets them compete to undo their own deaths. To eliminate others, though, players will need to find out the names of their opponent, how they died, their regret in life, and then ‘electing’ them.

Players will have to work through the storyline based on their decisions, finding the truth behind Rinka’s demise and that of the other characters. They will also witness the resolve of the other characters who all have their own reasons to want to survive, including Miharu, Rinka’s own friend who has surprisingly appeared in the competition.


Fatal Twelve is available now on Steam.

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