Fate/Extella Link Artoria Scale Figure Has Her in PE Uniform

artoria figure pe header

A scale figure of Artoria Pendragon as she appears in a PE uniform is now available for pre-order from Good Smile Company. While this figure uses her design from Fate/Extella Link, Artoria does not actually have a PE uniform outfit in the game. Pre-orders are open until June 23, 2022. She will cost 15,800 JPY and ship out in February 2023 for Japanese customers. As for those in North America, she will cost $143.99 and ship out in April 2023.

Though this is not a uniform you can unlock for Artoria in Fate/Extella Link, the eyes appear closer to Wada Arco’s art style than to Takashi Takeuchi’s. Wada Arco was the character designer for the Fate/Extra franchise, of which Extella/Link is a part.

Here are some more pictures of the PE uniform Artoria 1/7 scale figure:

She stands at approximately 210 millimeters in height. Her pose has her leaning down slightly with a water bottle in her hand. It looks like she is in the middle of drinking water. She also wears her headband in a similar way to how Nero does in her Olympian Bloomers Spiritron Dress in Fate/Grand Order.

Fate/Extella Link was the direct sequel to Fate/Extella, and it came out in 2019 on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game was later ported to iOS and Android devices in 2020. Like Fate/Extella, Extella Link is a hack-and-slash game similar to Dynasty Warriors.

The Artoria Pendragon PE uniform figure is available for pre-order until June 23, 2022, through Good Smile Company.

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