Fate/Grand Order Announces Britomart and Lostbelt 7

fate/grand order britomart lostbelt 7

During a livestream for Fate/Grand Order, Lasengle revealed the appearance of the Britomart, as well as announced a launch date for Lostbelt 7. Britomart is a SSR Lancer, and she is available in the gacha as part of the Chaldea Faerie Knights Cup event. Japanese players can expect to see Lostbelt 7: Naui Mictlan in late December 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

To begin with, the Chaldea Faerie Knights Cup event story is only for players who finished Avalon le Fae. It heavily features the Faerie Knights from that Lostbelt. If you wish to farm materials or play exhibition quests, you only need to have finished Fuyuki. Britomart, who is a character from The Faerie Queen, is a limited SSR Lancer with a Quick-oriented kit.

You can see Britomart’s Noble Phantasm, Penetrate Bladud: Faerie Knight – Tempest War Cry, here:

Matsuryuu, who previously designed Helena Blavatsky, is the artist for Britomart in Fate/Grand Order. Her voice actress is Naomi Wakabayashi. Wakabayashi previously voiced Emily Dyer/Doctor in Identity V, Sheska in Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ritsuko Akizuki in The Idolmaster.

Outside of the name of the Lostbelt, there is little new information about Lostbelt 7. Daybit is the Crypter in Lostbelt 7, and though we know that he has a Grand Servant, we still do not know their name or design. More information and promotional material for Lostbelt 7 will appear closer to its release date.

Fate/Grand Order is available on mobile devices. The Chaldea Faerie Knights Cup event is available until November 23, 2022 for the Japanese server. Players who want Britomart in Fate/Grand Order can only get her in the gacha for a limited time.

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