Fate/Grand Order Arcade Adds Altera, Lancelot, And Boudica On April 11


Fate Grand Order Arcade

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Sega and Delightworks recently announced three new playable servants coming to Fate/Grand Order Arcade on April 11 with Altera, Lancelot, and Boudica. Here’s a look at their trailers and 3D models.




You can check out trailers and character models in their three stages below:


Altera (Saber)

001  003



Lancelot (Berserker)

007 009




004 006 005


The banner featuring Altera, Lancelot, and Boudica starts on April 11 at 7:00am JST and will be available through May 9 at 9:59am JST:


Additionally, the arcade game will also kick off its “Order II: The Eternal Empire of Madness – Septem” story for single-player mode, allowing fans to check out the world of Septem in 3DCG.


Fate/Grand Order Arcade is available in Japanese arcade centers. In case you missed it, Tamamo no Mae was recently added to the game.

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