Fate/Grand Order Arcade Adds Carmilla And Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart To Launch Roster



    Sega announced that the next two characters to join the upcoming action game Fate/Grand Order Arcade with the Assassin-class Carmilla and the Caster-class Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



    Class: Assassin

    Noble Phantasm: Phantom Maiden – Phantasmal Iron Maiden

    004 005



    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Class: Caster

    Noble Phantasm: Requiem for Death – Funeral Music for the Death God


    001 002



    Now that Carmilla and Mozart were revealed as playable characters to Fate/Grand Order Arcade’s launch roster, that means 16 of its 20 Servants have been revealed.



    The above is a look at the revealed playable Servants. That last four playable Servants to be added to its launch roster are Saber, Rider, Assassin, and Berserker classes.


    Fate/Grand Order Arcade launches in Japan in late-July for arcades.

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