Fate/Grand Order Arcade Launches In Late July, To Start With 20 Servants And Will Add More Later

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At the JAEPO 2018 arcade games expo today, Sega shared the latest on Fate/Grand Order Arcade where the FGO Project Creative Director Yosuke Shiokawa and director Kimihiro Igami shared some news.


Here are details from the event, courtesy 4Gamer:



The first thing that was shared was that Fate/Grand Order Arcade will start out with 20 Servants. Both Shiokawa and Igami are aware that it might seem a bit low for an arcade game, especially considering that Fate/Grand Order has over 200, but they said that they’ll be adding more Servants through updates, jokingly adding that they hope to reach 200 Servants.



The next part that was announced was the release window, which has been set to late July 2018. The reason for this is so that it can release during summer break so that more fans can get to check it out. It’ll also be around the time of the smartphone game’s third anniversary.



From the location test that took place at the end of 2017, there was many feedback on players wanting a single player mode. The game lets one player controller three Servants, so the 3v3 battles are actually 9v9 if you go by Servant count. However, since a lot of people wanted a single player mode that will let you play at your own pace, the developers decided to add the mode.




If you’d like to learn more about Fate/Grand Order Arcade and how it works, check out our previous report where we got some in-depth info on its system.


Fate/Grand Order Arcade launches in Japan in late July 2018 for arcades.

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