Fate/Grand Order Artoria Caster Nendoroid Available For Pre-Order


Good Smile Company announced a new Nendoroid figure: Artoria Caster from Fate/Grand Order. Her look is modeled after her second ascension. Pre-orders are open from May 7 to June 17, 2021. The Artoria Caster Nendoroid will ship in November 2021 for Japan and December 2021 for North America. She will cost $58.99 / ¥5800.

Like any other Nendoroid, Artoria Caster will come with three face plates. Her expressions are a standard neutral one, a timid nervous one, and a blushing one. Additionally, her accessories include her Selection Staff, a magic circle, and a background sheet that depicts Avalon. The background sheet makes her look like she is in the middle of her Noble Phantasm.

You can see more pictures of the Nendoroid here:

Artoria Caster is currently only available on the Japanese server of Fate/Grand Order. She first appeared during the 5th Anniversary campaign. She will ship out around the same time as the Beauty Yu and Xiang Yu Nendoroids. Those two figures will appear in October 2021 in Japan and November 2021 in North America.

The Fate/Grand Order Artoria Caster Nendoroid is available for pre-order until June 17, 2021. Those who live in Japan can expect to see her in November 2021 and people who live in North America will receive her in December 2021. Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices, but Artoria Caster is not currently available on the global server.

Stephanie Liu
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