Fate/Grand Order Atlantis Lostbelt Adds Super Orion, Mandricardo

Fate Grand Order Atlantis

Aniplex had another big update in order for Fate/Grand Order in addition to its Advent Calendar promotion: The next big chapter in the game’s main story. Formally titled Lostbelt No. 5, Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods, Atlantis – The Day to Bring Down Gods, the Fate/Grand Order Atlantis chapter went live as of December 1st, 2021.

As with earlier Lostbelt chapters like Lostbelt No. 4, Yugakshetra, Aniplex also uploaded a localized trailer for the new story developments.

The Fate/Grand Order Atlantis Lostbelt chapter begins as the personnel of Chaldea finish the necessary preparations to sail towards the fifth Lostbelt. This Lostbelt contains the lost nation of Atlantis, a mythical city-state located in what is now the Atlantic ocean, supposedly submerged by some ancient catastrophe. Managing it is Kirschtaria Wodime, leader of the Crypters, the group that bleached the Earth clean at the start of Cosmos in the Lostbelt.

The trailer teases the involvement of various playable Servants in the chapter, including Mochizuki Chiyome, the new 1-Star Servant Jason, and an unidentified character wearing technological armor. It also shows two of the new playable Servants added to the Fate/Grand Order Atlantis summoning banner: Mandricardo and Super Orion.

Mandricardo is a character from the Italian 15th- and 16th-century epics Orlando innamorato and Orlando furioso. He joins FGO‘s roster as a 3-Star Rider-class Servant with a strong single-target Arts Noble Phantasm. Mandricardo’s element and skill kit make it a simple matter for him to refund large portions of his Noble Phantasm gauge, enabling him to “loop” its use with some assistance from his party. The headline Servant of the Fate/Grand Order Atlantis chapter, however, is Super Orion, a 5-Star Archer-class Servant. Super Orion is the second version of Orion to join FGO. The first, also a 5-Star Archer, was one of the first 5-Stars added to FGO following its launch. Unlike that version, though, Super Orion is taking to the battlefield as himself, a demigod son of Poseidon. Super Orion is an unusual Servant in that his skill set and Noble Phantasm all emphasize enhancing the damage of his normal, non-Noble Phantasm attacks. Orion can juice up his prodigious physique and inflict devastating blows, particularly off his Buster-element face cards.

Fate/Grand Order and the Atlantis chapter are immediately available on iOS and Android.

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