Fate/Grand Order Halloween Rising Event Has Cinderella Elizabeth

Fate/Grand Order Halloween Rising

It’s time for yet another Elizabeth Bathory-themed Halloween in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order. Halloween Rising: Queen of Dust and the Apostle of Darkness will run until November 3, 2021, and players who finish the story can get a free Rider version of Elizabeth Bathory. Jacques de Molay (Foreigner) and Zenobia (Archer) are also on rate-up.

This year, Elizabeth has a Cinderella theme going on. In the story, you will have to help Elizabeth retrieve her castle, as well as obtain her prince. That is, after all, the story of Cinderella. Aside from Cinderella, the quest features numerous fairy tales that star various Servants. In the television commercial for the Fate/Grand Order Halloween Rising event, you can see Elizabeth transform into a princess. Rumi Okubo, who voices Elizabeth, sings the song.

During this event, you can clear quests to obtain event items, which you can then use to trade for materials. If you obtained free Elizabeth Servants from the ongoing Halloween Omnibus event, this is the event where you can get more Servant Coins for them.

There is also a new Mystic Code, Halloween Royalty, for the protagonist in Fate/Grand Order. Brilliant Escort increases Buster attack and NP damage for a turn, whereas Blessed Regenerate removes immobility or seal debuffs, as well as charges a Servant’s NP gauge. Pure Coordinate grants Invincibility for two attacks for a turn.

As for this year’s Halloween Servants, a female version of Jacques de Molay is in-game as a Foreigner. She has a balanced kit, allowing her to buff and protect the party. Her Noble Phantasm, Vendredi Treize, is a Quick card that damages all enemies and inflicts the Curse status on them. A male Jacques is also in Fate/Grand Order Arcade. In real life, Molay was a Templar during the Crusade era.

Zenobia, a queen of the Syrian Palmyrene Empire, is also on rate-up and she is an Archer. Like Molay, her kit specializes in increasing her and the party’s attack, and she can grant herself the Guts status. Her Noble Phantasm, Authentic Triumph, is an Arts card that attacks all enemies and deals extra damage against King enemies.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices, and Halloween Rising is only on the Japanese server.

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