Fate/Grand Order Implements a Pity System in Gacha

Fate/Grand Order pity system

After six years of service, Fate/Grand Order finally implements a safety net pity system for its pickup banners. Prior to this, there was no guarantee that you would ever get the banner SSR, no matter how many Saint Quartz or how much money you used. The pity system in Fate/Grand Order activates at 330 rolls.

You can check your pity counter on the banner you are rolling from. The pity will only activate once, and will not carry over to another banner. If you pull the SSR prior to 330 rolls, it ends the pity counter. That means people who are trying to max out a particular Servant’s Noble Phantasm will have to obtain the other four copies with their own luck.

There are limits, of course. For one, the pity is only available for banners with an end date. That means the permanent story banner is exempt from the system. Another limitation of the Fate/Grand Order gacha pity system is that on banners with a rotating SSR, the pity counter resets when the new SSR is on the banner. When they come back as the pickup Servant, the pity counter will not carry over.

For example, let’s say you are pulling on the Sparrow’s Inn banner for Beni-Enma. You pull 100 times and then stop. But the next day, Tamamo-no-Mae replaces Beni-Enma as the banner SSR. You lose the pity progress you had on Beni-Enma and even when she returns on the same banner, you have to start over from zero.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. The pity system is only on the Japanese server.

Stephanie Liu
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