Fate/Grand Order Introduces Nitocris Alter

nitocris alter

The Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt 7 Part 2 pick-up banner features Nitocris Alter, who is the first of the new Servants to appear. She is an SSR Avenger. Even if you miss your chance to get her now, she will appear in the permanent banner afterwards. The Nitocris Alter pick-up banner will run until February 1, 2023 on the Japanese Fate/Grand Order server.

Lasengle has released a trailer for Nitocris Alter. It shows off her attack animations, as well as her Noble Phantasm. As opposed to the normal Nitocris (whether it is her Caster form or her Assassin form), Nitocris Alter has a much more aggressive and hands-on fighting style. You can view her trailer here:

Outside of her final skill, Nitocris Alter’s kit focuses on buffing herself or increasing the performance of her cards. Her last skill will increase the party’s Arts performance, as well as grant various buffs to Good characters. However, this buff has a 60% chance of success. So if you are unlucky, you may only get the Arts boost. As for her Noble Phantasm, Neferu Suen Anubis: Unseal the Path to My Beautiful Underworld, it is an Arts attack that can deal damage to all enemies. Like the other versions of Nitocris, it has a chance to instantly kill all enemies.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. Nitocris Alter is on pick-up for the Japanese server of Fate/Grand Order, and she will appear in the story gacha after February 1, 2023.

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