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Fate/Grand Order Patches in new Story, Lots of Improvements

The next chapter of Fate/Grand Order and its Cosmos in the Lostbelt campaign has gone live. But there’s still something for players that are new and still catching up, as Aniplex has taken the opportunity to debut a host of improvements to the game itself.

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The new chapter is titled “Lostbelt No.2: The Eternal Icy Fire Century, Götterdämmerung – The Good Fellow of Everlasting Flame.” Götterdämmerung sends the players and the crew of the Shadow Border to a region gripped by the Fimbulwinter, the global snowstorm said to precede the end of the world, as told in the ancient Norse myth of Ragnarok. The game also adds some new Servants, including the 5-Star Archer Napoleon Bonaparte, the 4-Star Lancer Valkyrie, and the 5-Star Saber Sigurd.

Check out a subtitled promotional trailer for the new Fate/Grand Order chapter below:

In addition to the new Lostbelt, Aniplex has upgraded the game’s interface with a number of “quality-of-life” improvements. Perhaps the biggest change for longtime players is the addition of “Consecutive Battle,” the ability to quickly relaunch any already-cleared battle with the same party. That’s ideal for farming resources and rare materials, and while a true auto-battle feature would be better, this is probably the next best thing given Fate/Grand Order‘s semi-randomized battle system.

New Fate/Grand Order players who have yet to build up a deep friends list to use for support will also appreciate the new “Follow” function. While they play the Part 1 story missions, Masters can follow any three other players and use their Servants as support, without having wait for a friend request to be approved. Other small but meaningful improvements, such as up-front information about class advantages, a timer that calculates how long remains until a player’s AP recharges, and the ability to drag and drop Craft Essences from Servant to Servant are also in the game. The improvements are best summarized in the patch notes, but suffice it to say that playing Fate/Grand Order should be a bit more pleasant for busy Masters.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android. A promotional campaign to commemorate the launch will award some free Premium Currency.

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