Rider Servant Zhao Yun brandishes his spear in front of a smaller Yui Shousetsu
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Fate/Samurai Remnant DLC 3 Release Date Set, Rider Revealed

The new Fate/Samurai Remnant newest DLC 3, which is called Record’s Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon, has a June 20, 2024 release date and includes a new Rider. The character is Rogue Rider Servant Zhao Yun, one of Liu Bei’s Five Tiger Generals of the Warring States Period in China.

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The announcement came via the official Fate/Samurai Remnant social media account, and it featured key art of Rider Zhao Yun and a mysterious black-winged woman:

This new story chapter features the protagonist Iori Miyamoto facing off against a series of strange anomalies. The preview on the Koei Tecmo site described new enemies, a mystery involving disappearing children, and a younger version of Yui Shousetsu combined with a warning. All this is mixed in with the sudden appearance of Rider Zhao Yun to complicate the Waxing Moon Ritual.

To play the new DLC, players must complete up to chapter three, which is “Seek the Heroes to Survive.” On the map, they should select “Record’s Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon” in order to access the new story.

This add-on will follow the two other story DLCs. One features Gilgamesh, the golden Archer. The other involves Yagyu Munenori, a famed swordmaster.

Fate/Samurai Remnant is currently available to play on the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and the DLC 3 release date is June 20, 2024. A free demo is also available for players.

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