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Fate/Samurai Remnant Rated Teen by ESRB

The ESRB rated Fate/Samurai Remnant, the upcoming action-RPG being developed by Type-Moon, Koei Tecmo, and Aniplex, a rating of “Teen.” The rating identified it as “generally suitable for ages 13 and up,” but warned about gore, violence, alcohol and tobacco use, and suggestive language. We can also glean some information about the game from the ESRB description itself, such that there will be explorable city areas and both human and non-human enemy types. While mechanical details remain sparse, we do get the idea that the games story won’t be entirely about honor and bushido, but include the more unsavory areas of Edo Japan like brothels and bars.

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The full ESRB description is as follows:

This is an action game in which players follow the story of a swordsman during the Edo Period of Feudal Japan. Players explore cities, interact with characters, complete objectives, and engage in melee-style combat. Players use swords to battle human enemies (e.g., ninjas, samurai) and fantastical creatures (e.g., demons, ghosts) in fast-paced combat. Battles are highlighted by sword-slashing effects, cries of pain, and blood-splatter when characters are hit. Cutscenes depict additional instances of violence and blood/gore: characters decapitating serpent creatures; a character’s severed arm falling to the ground; a character impaled through the chest—blood pooling underneath the body. During the course of the game, the text makes several references to brothels and prostitution (e.g., “…{M]aybe we could keep that brothel map our little secret”; “…prices for time with a courtesan are quite high”; “It wouldn’t be known for prostitution anymore.”). The dialogue contains references to alcohol and tobacco (e.g., “A sweet, easy-to-drink, luxury sake”; “I’m quite fond of this country’s liquor”; “A favorite among drunkards at the food stalls”; “A vermillion pipe with burnt tobacco inside”); a handful of sequences depict characters holding smoking pipes. The word “sh*t” appears in the game.

The game was first revealed at the end of 2022 with a trailer featuring an unknown servant, as well as recurring Fate/Grand Order character Musashi Miyamoto. A Steam page also appeared in February 2023.

Fate/Samurai Remnant is slated to release sometime in 2023. The game will come to the PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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