Fate/Stay Night’s Board Game Brings A Strategic Element To The Holy Grail War

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DelightWorks, the development studio behind Fate/Grand Order, has announced a board game titled Dominate Grail War -Fate/Stay Night, based on the visual novel Fate/Stay Night and the Holy Grail War depicted within. The game is set to come out on August 3, 2019.


Development for the board game is being handled by both DelightWorks and analog game development group BakaFire Party, and the contents of the board game set were recently shown off by the groups involved.


The goal of the game is naturally, to be the last Master and Servant pair standing by the end. To win, you’ll need to make use of your Servant’s abilities, and strategically fight other players. Your Servant’s true name is hidden to others, and you’ll need to decide the timing of the battle where you reveal your Servant’s true name.


In Dominate Grail War, the Master and Servant pairings are random. Each Master has their own playstyle, with some having more magic and some getting more cards in their hand. Servants also each have their own abilities related to their personality, as well as a Noble Phantasm.


The board game is conducted in rounds, and whoever has the most ‘Battle Results’ points will win in the end. You can gain Battle Results points by storing magic and actively fighting against other players, or using a small amount of magic to ‘Scout’ in order to gain a small about of points.


By revealing your Servant’s true name, you can use Noble Phantasms and other actions only available after doing so. However, revealing their true name allows other players to see your Servant’s abilities, so when to reveal their name is an extremely important tactical decision.


There will be nine Servants available in the board game, and the official illustrations for three of them, Saber, Archer, and Rider, have been revealed. The new illustrations are done by Fate/Grand Order contributing artist okojo. The other six Servants will be revealed in the future.


Dominate Grail War -Fate/Stay Night releases in Japan on August 3, 2019.

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