Fate/Grand Order Arcade Is Being Made For FGO Fans But It’ll Likely Be A While Until Launch



    Following the reveal of a new team battle arcade game, Fate/Grand Order Arcade, Type-Moon shared more info for the title, which will also include Berserker class Servant Kiyohime as a playable character. [Thanks, Hachima.]


    First and foremost, the magazine reveals Kiyohime as a new playable character in Fate/Grand Order Arcade. They say that everything from her head to kimono and such will be highly-detailed for her 3D CG model.


    Other confirmed Servants include:

    • Shielder-class Mashu Kyrielight
    • Caster-class Cu Chilainn
    • Berserker-class Heracles
    • Archer-class Atalanta
    • Saber-class Nero Claudius


    The game system revolves around systems that are familiar to Fate/Grand Order players with the “Saint Graphs” where we’ll see the Servants and the “Conceptual Weapons.”


    The arcade machine will have “On-Demand Printing” system that will print out the physical cards right on the spot from the machine.


    Location tests are planned to be held this winter, but we currently don’t have a more specific release window for the game. To give you an idea, the development is currently 10% complete, so it’ll probably be a while until it launches.


    In an interview with the developers, they said that they’re making the arcade action game into something that can be played by all Fate/Grand Order players, who will get to experience the enjoyment of making a team of Servants and taking on others in team battles.


    The 3D models of the Servants are being touched up on illustrators and are currently getting some shader work on them. The developers are working on a modernized way for players to acquire cards. The large Servants will still be depicted largely in the game. One of the developers’ main desires is to get as many Fate/Grand Order players possible to play this game.


    Fate/Grand Order Arcade is expected to launch sometime in 2018 for Japanese arcades.

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