Fate/Grand Order Is Getting A Feature-Length Anime Special At The End Of The Year



The popular smartphone game, Fate/Grand Order is getting a feature-length TV anime special at the end of the year, titled Fate/Grand Order –First Order-.


The anime is based off the popular smartphone RPG, Fate/Grand Order, a game featuring many of the Fate series characters, and it has already topped 7 million downloads.


The story of Fate/Grand Order –First Order- takes place in the year 2015, around the end of the era of magic. Caldea, a humanity survival and security organization, was made to ensure the strong continuation of mankind, while obveserving a world that can only be seen by magic, and a world that can only be measured by science.


One day, the future that Caldea has continued obverving simply vanished, and it was revealed, actually confirmed, that humanity will go extinct in 2017. The reason behind this finding goes back to the year 2004, in a city in Japan called Fuyuki, where a “realm that cannot be observed” appeared.


Caldea determined this to be the cause of human extinction, and issued the Grand Order” to go on a “Holy Grail Expedition,” in order to investigate the cause and possibility destroy the singularity behind it.


Here are some of the characters we’ll see in the anime:


Fujimaru Ritsuka (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)



Kirieraito Mashu (CV: Rie Takahashi)



Fou (CV: Ayako Kawasumi)




The director of Fate/Grand Order –First Order– has been revealed as Hitoshi Nanba, along with assistant director Takuro Tsukada, and production by Lay-duce.

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