Fate/Grand Order’s Heroine Was Originally Created For The Fate/Stay Night Anime

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There’s not too much information out there on Type-Moon’s upcoming smartphone RPG, Fate/Grand Order, but the series’ creators recently shed some light on the game’s giant shield-wielding protagonist in an interview with 4Gamer.


During the interview, 4Gamer points out that Fate/Grand Order’s main visuals shows Saber, Joan of Arc, and a new female character. They ask what kind of role the new character will play in the upcoming title.



“She’ll be the heroine this time around,” answers Fate/stay night co-creator Kinoko Nasu. “Just like how Saber is the face of stay night and Joan is for Apocrypha, [the new heroine] is the face of Fate/Grand Order. Saber and Joan will be key characters, but more in the role of famous Heroic Spirits. The one who will be the main character is the girl holding the shield.”


4Gamer asks if the girl was designed by artist and co-founder of Type-Moon, Takashi Takeuchi.


“Yes. However, the shield girl’s design was something that existed even before plans [for the game] began,” responds Takeuchi.


“While it never happened, previously, when Studio Deen produced an anime for [Fate/stay night], we had plans for an original story. This heroine was a character that was formally created at the time,” adds Nasu. “We felt it would be a waste to have her remain dormant, and also felt like somehow throwing her into the story for Fate/Grand Order, so we decided on having her take on the role of the main heroine this time around.”


4Gamer then asks if we’ll have to wait a little while until we find out about her true identity, to which Takeuchi replies that finding out a character’s identity is a big part of what makes the Fate series fun, so we’ll have to wait longer to see who she is.


“In Fate/Grand Order, once you get a character you’ll immediately learn about the identity of the Servant,” adds Nasu. “So once the game becomes available, if the players could please avoid giving out spoilers, it’d make me happy.”


Fate/Grand Order is expected to launch sometime this winter in Japan for iOS and Android.

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