Fate/Grand Order’s New English Trailers Feature Ushiwakamaru And Altera



Fate/Grand Order is headed to smartphones in North America this summer and Aniplex USA shared new Servant trailers featuring the Rider-class Servant Ushiwakamaru and Saber-class Servant Altera.


Servant Class: Rider (CV: Saori Hayami)

Character Designer: Mineji Sakamoto


Servant Class: Saber (CV: Mamiko Noto)

Character Designer: huke


What is a Servant? They are an attendant that serves the Master. In this case, heroes from myths and legends that become familiars. In order to ensure their Master’s triumph in a Holy Grail War, they follow orders and fight other Masters and Servants.


Fate/Grand Order launches in North America in Summer 2017 for iPhone and Android. You can catch up on more about the game in our earlier report.

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