Fate/Stay Night Co-Creator Talks About The Upcoming Anime



We recently found out that a new Fate/Stay Night anime series will begin airing this fall in Japan. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Fate/Stay Night game, and creator Kinoko Nasu of Type-Moon had a few words to share with fans on his blog about the upcoming anime by ufotable.


After wishing readers a belated Happy New Year, Nasu notes that the day is January 30th, meaning it was the 10th anniversary of Fate. He thanks fans for making this dream come true and also for the continued support of the past ten years.


Next, he talks about the upcoming Fate/Stay Night anime.


“For any creator, their own work is almost like their own kids,” says Nasu. “You’d want them to grow as healthy as possible, and that’s how we raised Fate. As time went by, so did its childhood days, and we’ll most likely be seeing a different side [of Fate/Stay Night]. We’re putting in a lot of effort to make something with a new appeal, while staying true to its foundation.”


As mentioned in our previous report, anime studio ufotable mentioned that the production staff and viewers might see the new Fate/Stay Night anime as a “sequel to Fate/Zero”. Here’s what Kinoko Nasu told staff members during their first production meeting regarding this, which he also shared in his blog post:


“This might be a little extreme, but in terms of story and picture, please think of [Fate/Stay Night] as a different thing from Zero. Stay Night’s goals and Zero’s goals are different things. If we were to impertinently connect the two, the story and mood would be ruined. Stay Night and Zero were written by different authors and have different stories, so they must both be respected in such a way.”


Nasu felt a little unreasonable and thought that he was taking the risk of saying something irrational, but was relieved to hear the staff members respond with, “Of course, we understand. This is not a sequel to Zero, but a new Stay Night.”


The new Fate/Stay Night anime will begin airing this fall in Japan.

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