Fault Milestone Two Demo Now Playable Ahead Of Its Full Launch This Q3



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Sekai Project and Japanese developer Alice in Dissonance have released a demo of the upcoming visual novel Fault Milestone Two.


You can download the demo for free either from the game’s official website (direct download link), or you can get it on Steam—it’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


This is, of course, the sequel to Fault Milestone One, which came out in the west last year for PC. Sekai Project notes that as this is a direct sequel to the first game there are huge spoilers for the original, so be warned.


It follows the story of Selphine and the gang as they travel back to their homeland. It has a new 3D camera system that aims for a “more immersive and ‘larger than life’ reading experience.”


Fault Milestone Two will be released sometime this Q3.


Update: The game is planned for a Q3 release, not Spring. We’ve corrected the error in our headline.

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