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Fault Milestone Two Side Below Trailer Revealed, Delayed Again to Fall 2021

Fault Milestone two side below trailer

Developer Alice in Dissonance has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming visual novel fault – milestone two side: below, and announced that the game would be delayed again to September 2021. The trailer was originally revealed at INDIE Live Expo 2021, and made available to Patreon supporters 24 hours early. The trailer confirms that the game will release for the PC and Nintendo Switch, but strangely only the JP version mentions a PlayStation 4 release in the video thumbnail. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

fault – milestone two side: below is a sequel to fault – milestone two side: above released back in 2015. The single-player cinematic visual novel follows Selphine, a princess who was forced to escape after an assault on her homeland. The fault series of games is known for utilizing a parallax camera system that gives its characters and backgrounds added depth. With the new trailer, it looks as though Alice in Dissonance will also be adding character animations in fault – milestone two side: below.

Previously, the studio released a promotional video for the game during Tokyo Game Show 2020, with a tentative release date of Spring 2021. In the latest delay announcement, Alice in Dissonance states that the game was taking “longer than expected”. However, the studio also assured fans that they were confident the game would not turn out like the prequel, Fault: Silence the Pendant, which saw numerous delays and setbacks during production.

Japanese publisher Phoenixx, best known for games such as the Tohou Hyouibana series of games, will be handling side: below‘s release. Originally, American video game publisher Sekai Project handled the localization of the first two games of the series before it laid off many of its employees in 2018.

You can check out the full English trailer below:

fault – milestone two side: below will release in September 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and PC. There is currently no confirmed price.

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