Feast Your Eyes On Some Of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s Wild Beasts

Hold it! Lord of Arcana isn’t the only game revealing monsters today. There’s a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd blowout, too, detailing some of the game’s monsters with yet more screenshots.

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Read on for the goodies, and in case you missed out, here’s the article showing off the game’s weapons.




First up is Jinouga, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s poster boy. The Jinouga has highly-developed front legs, which is what it primarily uses to take down prey. It can charge up for a powerful lightning attack, too.


mhp3rd_jinouga_001 mhp3rd_jinouga_002

mhp3rd_jinouga_003 mhp3rd_jinouga_004

mhp3rd_jinouga_005 mhp3rd_jinouga_006

mhp3rd_jinouga_007 mhp3rd_jinouga_008

mhp3rd_jinouga_009 mhp3rd_jinouga_010

mhp3rd_jinouga_011 mhp3rd_jinouga_012

mhp3rd_jinouga_013 mhp3rd_jinouga_014




Next, you have Urukususu. The Urukususu can slide on its belly on smooth surfaces like icy slopes to attack you hard and fast. It’s said to have excellent hearing, but that also makes it vulnerable to loud noises. It can throw ice blocks at you, too.

[Highly recommended Urukususu GIF]



mhp3rd_urukususu_002 mhp3rd_urukususu_003




Then there’s Aoashira, who looks kind of like…a bear-monkey. Aoashira inhabits mountains and humid forest regions. It’s known for its love for honey, as well as catching fish by the banks of rivers.



mhp3rd_aoashira_002 mhp3rd_aoashira_003




The Dosufurogi is identified by an inflated sac around its neck area that contains poison. When spat by the Dosufurogi, this poison takes on the form of a mist that can incapacitate even larger herbivorous creatures. Dosufurogi usually tend to act in a herd like the other bird wyverns.


mhp3rd_dosufurogi_001 mhp3rd_dosufurogi_002

mhp3rd_dosufurogi_003 mhp3rd_dosufurogi_004


This past week’s Famitsu magazine showed off three of Portable 3rd’s sub-species, too. The game’s official website now has clearer images and screenshots of them. And here are comparison shots with their original designs.





Royal Ludroth:

mhp3rd_rludroth_sub_001 mhp3rd_rludroth_sub_002




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