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Feel Free To Cross-Dress In Animal Crossing On 3DS


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Nintendo of America recently published a subtitled Animal Crossing (3DS) developer roundtable on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel. YouTube user, Nintendaan, captured this earlier today, and it brings new details of the 3DS game.


In Animal Crossing for the 3DS, you’ll be the mayor of the village you live in. As mayor, you’ll be able to develop and grow your village. Some of the basic things you can do is add benches and street lamps to the village to give it character. Developing the village is optional, but you’ll have a secretary (above) to help you do it. She’s described as clumsy, but capable.


As far as customizing your own house goes, you’ll be able to customize the entire exterior, including roof colour, walls, fences and mail posts. You can also take your furniture to an in-game shop to have it customized and to add patterns of your choice onto it.


Character designs in Animal Crossing for 3DS have been tweaked as well. Human bodies are little longer and are divided into three parts. You can now choose separate tops and bottoms for your character. Girls can wear pants, and yes, guys can wear skirts. Animal proportions have been adjusted as well, so that smaller animals are small and larger animals are bigger.


The village has been adjusted, too. The beach area is now larger in size, and there’s a shopping mall across from the railroad track. As always, you can enter other people’s games, but you can also connect with players you don’t know using StreetPass.


If you pass by another player that owns Animal Crossing on 3DS, you’ll exchange house designs with them. A collection of the houses you’ve acquired through StreetPass will be situated at the edge of your town, as model homes. These are managed by a real estate agent who is none other than Tom Nook.


Nintendo say the K.K. Slider Saturday Show will be in the Animal Crossing as well, but further details regarding this are being kept under wraps for now.


Something else that was interesting are some of the Japanese fans who wrote in to Nintendo, with their thoughts on previous Animal Crossing games. There was quite the range of these. Among these were: a 39-year-old male, an 18-year-old female, a 15-year-old male, a 26-year-old female, an 18-year-old female, and a 47-year-old female.

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