Felix The Reaper Is About Sowing Death, Impressing With Your Dancing Skills

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Felix the Reaper is a puzzle game about love and death, having players work to impress Betty the Maiden, an agent for the Industry of Life, with their dance moves while also keeping up with their reaper duties by killing people.


Felix, a worker at the Industry of Death, has fallen for Betty after seeing her through his train window on the commute to work every day. However, the only way he can run across a member of the Industry of Life is by doing field work in the real world, which is why Felix has found himself killing people himself.

Felix, as a reaper, can only move within the shadows of each puzzling level. Felix can alter these shadows by moving objects around to create new darkness, or by altering the position of the sun to shift the shadows to new places. Also, when Felix is around, time is frozen, so he won’t have to worry about people moving around while setting up traps. Using these powers, he’ll be able to move various objects around each level to create hunting accidents, unsafe work conditions, and other hazards, dealing with twenty different lethal situations.


Felix won’t impress Betty by killing people, though. Felix will do that through dancing, which he does at all times (with movements choreographed by real-world dancers). Felix will steadily show off these moves across each stage, hopefully drawing the attention of the girl of his dreams despite the work he does.

Felix the Reaper is currently in development, but interested players can sign up for a newsletter on its website to be kept informed on how it is coming along.

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